Dodds Memorials A History You Probably Didn’t Know: William Proctor By Desiree Roose

William Proctor, co-founder of the household company Proctor and Gamble, was born in England in 1801.

His early years were spent in England and in 1830 he moved to the United States. He began making candles in New York City and soon met his wife, Martha. He and Martha decided to move west. Soon after they began their journey Martha passed away in Cincinnati. William was planning to stay a short while and then resume his journey but never left, making Cincinnati his permanent home.

He started his candle business and soon met and married Olivia Norris in 1833. His father-in-law Alexander Norris’s suggested that he partner with his brother-in-law, James Gamble, to establish a company making soap. They began manufacturing Ivory soap which was very successful.

Over the years, the company expanded and is now one of the largest companies in the country. Both William’s son and grandson have all been a part of the company serving as president over the years.

William Proctor died on April 4th, 1884 and was buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in a picturesque mausoleum that sits beside one of the many beautiful lakes. The Mausoleum is made of all Milford Pink granite with Bronze door fronts. Family name and bronze vents bear the name George Dodds and Sons Granite company as architect and builder.

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