Mrs. Jane Doe

Mrs. Jane Doe

"Janey Doe"

January 1, 1960 - March 15, 2024

Biography & Essential Facts

Janey was born with a funny last name, Bangwhistle. She realized early on she could be traumatized by it or use it to her advantage. As a result, she developed a keen sense of humor and ultimately became a writer. Janey was proud of her family, her two children John Jr. and Jessica, and her husband John. Janey was taken from us too soon as a result of cancer. She is missed.

Spouse/Partner: John Doe
Marriage Date: June 1, 1980

College: University of Dayton
Degree: BS - Literature

Profession: Writer
Professional Details: Recognized as the top knock, knock joke writer in the area.

Family Information

Parents: Bumpy and Lumpy Bangwhistle

Janey-Doe - John Doe

Siblings: Harold Bangwhistle and Shirley Franks (nee Bangwhistle)

Children: John Doe Jr. and Jessica Doe

Pets: Clarice, devoted Saint Bernard

Interests & Hobbies

Favorite Things

Color: Pink

Food: Sushi

Music: Reggae

Book: Dracula

Movie: Eating Raoul

TV Show: The Addams Family

Joke: Knock, knock of any variety

Artist: Jean Arp

Game: Parcheesi

Place: Writing desk

Vacation: Poipu Beach

Holiday: April Fool's Day

Way to relax: Writing knock, knock jokes


Online Activities


Collection: Experiences. From parachuting to swimming with the sharks, Janey had to do it.

Languages: Korean and Russian

Outlook & Impact

Accomplishments: Her family

Impact on Others: Advice: Wherever you go, there you are.

Memorial Information

Mrs. Jane Doe

Cemetery: Woodland Cemetery

Address: 281 Dayton St - Xenia, OH 45385