Death, Drafts, and Directors: A fresh approach to looking at an age-old profession – By Neil Fogarty

Every old Western seems to have the role of the undertaker somewhere in the movie. For centuries society has relied on this profession with many names from undertaker to mortician to the modern Funeral Director. Regardless of the name, we tend to not know or misunderstand this role. Often death, embalming, and funerals elicit a negative connotation and the folks involved in this profession get painted with that negative brush.

On Friday October 28th, the Before I Die Festival Ohio will give you the chance to meet with three young Funeral Directors, to ask questions, and to hear from these professionals concerning what it is like to care for the recently deceased and those left behind. The event is casual and will take place at Jimmy’s Ladder 11 restaurant upstairs event space. Through food, beer, and fellowship attendees will learn more about being a Funeral Director and most importantly appreciate that these folks are just normal people with a passion for caring.

Attendees are encouraged to bring all questions they may have about funerals and the funeral profession, so they may pepper our panel with inquiries about life, work, and dealing with loss as a Funeral Director. Note that the upstairs event does not have elevator access, so attendees must be able to climb stairs. Please visit to register for this event and all the other events offered during the festival. I will see you, beer in hand and Funeral Directors in tow, for Death, Drafts, and Directors!

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