“I don’t need to pre-plan my memorial or final arrangements!” “I’m young and healthy.” “I can worry about that later.” Amazingly, responses like these are all too common in our society. But the reality is, making final arrangements before a death happens removes that burden from your family, ensures you get what you want, and will allow your family to grieve when that time comes.

Ideally, Dodds’ consultants want to meet with you and your loved one when everyone is healthy and thriving. This allows us to have open and engaged conversations about your family’s traditions and wishes, and about you and your loved one’s personality and life’s work. In our experience, this brings a great deal of comfort to you and your extended family. A memorial pre-plan takes the burden off your family’s shoulders when you, your spouse, or another loved one passes. Our planning begins by meeting with you – individually, as a couple, or as a family – to guide you through a much more thoughtful pre-planning and design process. With a memorial plan in place, you’ll have many of your most important decisions made – from how you want your life celebrated to the design of your memorial.

Dodds has created a guidebook for you that is available at one of our six convenient locations; this book will help walk you through the memorial selection process, or you can Call a Dodds office near you today to learn more and schedule a pre-planning consultation.
Among the benefits to working with Dodds is to ensure that your end-of-life planning includes your wishes for memorialization and a clear path to relieving your family from any financial burden.

Contact a Dodds Memorial Consultant near you today to learn more or to set up a time to meet with you and your family.