What is a digital memorial?

As the world continues the shift from the physical to the digital world, it is increasingly important that memorials, tributes to a life well-lived, keep stride.  Memorials need to have an online presence to complement a well-designed and crafted physical memorial.

Why should anyone care about this? Say you lose a parent and you have video, audio, photos, and other digital artifacts available. The key question is, do you want your great-grandchildren to be able to hear your parent’s voice, see them in action viewing how they lived in a video, and see photos of their ancestors available on-demand at any time?

Digital Memorials enhance the Physical Memorial

A physical memorial is a long-lasting artifact honoring our loved ones. A digital memorial enhances that experience by creating a lasting, online presence that also honors our loved ones.

How does it work?

We collaborate with you to collect digital artifacts and stories about your beloved and enter it into a simple form along with video, audio, and photographs. After selecting a theme, our designers craft the digital memorial.

We then connect your loved one’s physical memorial to the digital memorial using technology called a QR code. This code, when scanned with a device like a phone, loads the digital memorial to the device and allows for sharing, interaction, viewing/playing of media, and the ability to read all the information shared about a life well lived.

One of the key questions you might have: “How can you ensure that the digital memorial lasts perpetually?” The answer is simple, a portion of the purchase price of the digital memorial is set aside in a trust. Over time, the funds in the trust accumulate via more contributions and return on investments. On an annual basis, the trustees evaluate the state of the digital memorial infrastructure and use the trust to fund continuity and updates to make each digital memorial perpetual as technology changes.

Dodds now offers Digital Memorials

Dodds Memorials has been honoring the lives of people by creating Lasting Visions of Love through physical memorials for over 160 years. We are now pleased to offer digital memorials to create the online portion of a Lasting Vision of Love to honor the memory of your loved ones.

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Sample Digital Memorial

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