Don’t Settle When it Comes to Your Memorial – By Desiree Roose

We recently updated our website and worked with a local company to help us with the design and migration. During this process, we uploaded numerous photos for the products portion of the site. During a phone call with our designer of the site, he mentioned how he was blown away by the number of memorials we have done that were custom. He thought all memorials had to be square and was shocked when I told him almost any memorial can be made into a cremation monument.

Memorial Consultants can help

It surprised me that he didn’t know that, but I guess since I am in the industry, I am used to the fact that Dodds can really do anything! We are lucky to have Memorial Consultants and designers who have been in this industry so long that they love the challenge of creating something that has never been done before.

Some companies will steer you away from custom memorials because they just don’t have the know how to accomplish something and it is easier for them to push a “traditional” memorial. Our consultants are not afraid to sit with a family and do what it takes to make their dream into a lasting vision of love. We also have some amazing designers who assist the Memorial Consultant and do what it takes to support the design process. For us, it is all about the family and their need.

Experience coupled with creativity

Whether you plan a traditional preparation and interment or cremation, Dodds has decades of experience in memorializing the individual and representing their lifetime in perpetuity.

If you look back through the history of the company, we have never been a cookie-cutter memorial dealer. From the mausoleums we designed to the civic memorials we created; Dodds always prides ourselves on trying to be unique when it comes to the memorials we craft. It doesn’t mean if you like the style of traditional memorials, we cannot assist you, we certainly can!

Schedule a Consultation and unleash your creativity

However, times are changing and the way we memorialize is changing as well. Don’t Settle When it Comes to Your Memorial because a company lacks creativity. Be creative in the way you honor your loved one! We are here to help! If you are curious about the design process, click the link below to schedule a consultation.

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