Frequently Asked Questions about Memorialization – By Desiree Roose

Not many people have really gone through the process of picking out a memorial; there are many questions we get for those who are going through the process for the first time. Below are some of the frequently asked questions with answers. If you are beginning the process or are looking to pre-plan a memorial, hopefully this will help educate and guide you through the decision-making process.

  1. How long does it take?
    Usually, it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months for completion depending on the granite type you select. However, because of the pandemic supply chain disruption the process currently could take 5 to 12 months.
  2. How much is a memorial
    There are many factors that goes into this. Price is based on granite color, size, finish etc. In short, markers average about $800, slant marker average around $1500 and uprights start at about $3500.
  3. Do I need an appointment?
    No, we do not require appointments, however we do recommend them. It ensures that one of our consultants will be available and set the proper time aside for you and your family.
  4. How long do I need to wait?
    There is no time frame that you have to wait after your loved one passes. It depends on when you and your family are ready. We have people come in the day after and some that have waited years. This time is all dependent on when you are ready to take that step!
  5. Do you have pictures or options I can see?
    Yes, every office has design books that you can look through to get ideas, as well as a physical memorial display. We also have photos on our website and a viewbook you can download.
  6. Do you charge per letter?
    No, we do not charge per letter on the front of the memorial. It is included in the price. However, we do charge for the creation of a custom image you provide our artists.
  7. Do you have something in stock?
    We do have items in stock but typically we create the memorial to fit your family and don’t keep every size and shape in stock. 90% of our orders are custom memorials that we order specifically for your family.
  8. Does my monument come completed?
    We order memorials blank. They come to us in the size, shape and finish we specify and then we engrave the memorial at our plant in Xenia.
  9. What happen if someone vandalizes my monument?
    It seldom happens that a memorial gets vandalized, but we have seen it happen. If you are worried about vandalism, then we recommend selecting our Round Seal or Everlasting Warranty. They cover vandalism up to $5000 for repair or replacement one time for the life of the memorial.
  10. Is black granite the most expensive and is gray granite the least expensive?
    In short No and No. black granite is not the most expensive and gray granite is not always the cheapest.
  11. Is it cheaper to purchase 2 singles or one companion memorial?
    It is less expensive to purchase one companion memorial compared to 2 singles. The reason is we charge per sq ft for granite and two single memorials contain more granite than one companion. Also, two foundations will cost more than a single foundation typically.
  12. What are my cemetery restrictions?
    Every cemetery is different, and some do not have restrictions other than fitting within the grave space. It is best to ask the cemetery when you are picking out the graves. If you do not, then usually our consultants know or can find out restrictions at any cemetery.
  13. Who takes care of the foundation?
    The cemetery is responsible for pouring the foundation. You can pay for it through them or at the time of the memorial purchase. Then we send the information and funds to them to complete as a free service.
  14. How do you add death dates?
    We can add them right at the cemetery. In some cases, we must bring the memorial to our shop to complete but usually we can add the date without moving the memorial.
  15. Do you set the monument if we are still living?
    Yes, if you are purchasing the memorial pre-need, we still set the memorial at the cemetery. We do not hold them here to store.

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