Longevity Matters

This year Dodds Memorials celebrates its 160th year in business.  During those decades, Dodds produced Lasting Visions of Love for many of the most iconic names in American History.  The company also provided granite for some the of great architectural structures throughout the United States.  Across 3 centuries, Dodds Memorials endures through its memorials.

Examples of Lasting Visions of Love

During the late 19th and early 20th century, Dodds was not just a maker of headstones and tombstones; Dodds owned three New England quarries whose granite comprised portions of major memorials and buildings during that time.  Dodds created memorials for the owners of the Ball Canning Jar Company, both John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb of eyewear fame, William Proctor of Proctor and Gamble, and provided materials for President William McKinley’s tomb. 

Furthermore, the Stony Creek, Milford Pink, and Vitoria White quarries provided materials for famous building including Penn Station in New York City (the largest granite contract ever executed in the U.S. at the time,) the base of the Statue of Liberty, Boston Public Library, The Edison Building in Chicago, and the original Madison Square Garden.  The Dodds quarries also provided materials for the West Point Battle Monument, Lafayette Monument in Paris, Lincoln Memorial in Springfield, Illinois, and the Perry Peace Monument at Put in Bay.

Why does this matter?

Why, you ask, does this matter to the modern consumer?  Simply stated, Dodds Memorials has earned the trust of generations of families, corporations, and civic/governmental entities for the creation of Lasting Visions of Love made from quality, enduring granite.  Because they trusted Dodds for the greatest memorials of their generation, you can trust Dodds to deliver the same quality for your family.  Do not leave the lasting memorial for your departed loved one to a simple, here today gone tomorrow, tombstone company.  Create a Lasting Vision of Love with the business trusted through the years.

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