Change and Trust

REO Speedwagon released the song “Roll with the Changes” in 1978.  This song truly captures the reality of life both personally and professionally.  Every generation comes of age in a particular time of change.  Businesses rise and fall through the challenges of change.  They say you can only count on death and taxes, but I believe you can add change to that list.

George Dodds established his company in 1864 during one of the greatest upheavals in American history.  Imagine founding a business in the middle of the Civil War.  Did he create his fledgling tombstone company to meet the demand of families losing soldiers in war?  Did he just anticipate the need the war would bring, or did he land in the right circumstance in a unique time?

Change and Trust - George Dodd on the steps of the Xenia, Ohio building.

Dodds endured many changes over its 160-year history.  Think of it, this company witnessed Reconstruction, the Industrial Revolution, the Gilded Age, two World Wars, the Cold War, Korean War, and Vietnam.  Recently, Dodds navigated the rise of global granite, the rise of cremation, and the use of lasers to engrave. 

Imagine if George Dodds walked into his company today: while many things would feel similar, much of the modern company would seem strange.  Yet, through all the changes, Dodds endured. 

Life brings other difficult changes including the death of loved ones.  Amid this turmoil who will you trust?  Will you place your trust in a “fly by night” tombstone company established less than a decade ago or will you place your trust in a company that has made Lasting Visions of Love for over a century and a half? 

There will always be change, but there will also be the companies that stand the test of time.  Who will you trust with the precious and permanent memorial for your beloved?  Through change Dodds, standing the test of time, will deliver for your family like no other company can.

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