The Legend of the Dodds Stained Glass Windows – By Desiree Roose

If you have ever been into the Dodds Memorials Xenia showroom, then you have seen and probably asked about the breathtaking stained-glass windows we have there. You cannot miss them when you walk through the door! We get so many questions about them and the story of how they ended up at Dodds.

The windows were made to specifications in Munich, Germany in 1913 by the F.X. Zettler Royal Bavarian Art Institute. The story goes that they were smuggled out of Germany, through Belgium and down the St. Lawrence River during the First World War. This story was confirmed by Father Paul Vieson of the Marionist archives. The windows were placed in the Mary, Mother of Good Counsel Chapel at Mt. St. John in Beavercreek, Ohio and display the patron’s names who donated money for their creation.

The Bergamo Center in Beavercreek now stands on this site. The Chapel was torn down in Feb of 1977. James Bolenbaugh, a resident of Centerville, saved the six windows we have on display from being demolished. We are not sure where the other 6 ended up or if they were able to be saved. James and a friend personally dismantled the windows. Generously, James donated them to Dodds on the agreement that we display them and are able to share them with the public. The windows were placed at Dodds in Feb of 2003.

If you have never seen the windows, we invite you to stop by during operating hours to view them. And while you are there take a tour of the shop and meet our team! We would be happy to show you around!

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