History Matters

This year Dodds Memorials celebrates its 160th year in business.  To give some perspective, Dodds established in 1864, during the Civil War and while Abraham Lincoln was President.  Dodds endures helping families through 30 different presidencies, 2 World Wars, the creation of the automobile and airplane, and across three centuries. 

Dodds Memorials is celebrating 160 years of creating Lasting Visions of Love

Whether you call the purchase a headstone, tombstone, monument, marker, mausoleum, or memorial Dodds looks at every creation as a Lasting Vision of Love.  We believe listening, comforting, and dreaming with a family is the only way to ensure they get exactly the memorial they want.  Dodds does not take a “one size fits all” approach like so many in your industry; the story of your loved one is unique and deserves to be told.

Changing Technology, Constant Quality

Our industry has evolved over those 16 decades, introducing sandblast; hand etching; porcelain memorial pictures; laser etching; and QR codes all of which enhance the ability of Dodds Memorials to deliver that Lasting Vision of Love.  Dodds continually pursues excellence by constantly looking to innovate and upgrade our processes and products.  However, this evolution only works to enhance our high standards of quality, making Dodds the Best in Memorial Art.

Our partnership with Rock of Ages www.rockofages.com in Vermont allows us to offer quality granite that no other monument company can purchase, with trust coverage and seal mark warranties backing every granite memorial.  We engrave our memorials in our Xenia Production Facility so we can control the quality of the artwork, making Dodds a full-service memorial dealer.  This dedication to quality has not changed since George and Andrew Dodds decided to open this company 160 years ago. 

Experience is more than Longevity

History matters in business because longevity is the testament to a company which chooses to offer a great product that stands the test of time.  For generations families have trusted Dodds to create the loving tributes that make memories of those gone endure forever.  A tombstone is just a headstone made of rock, until someone who cares makes it a memorial.  That is why Dodds celebrates 160 years in business, and why you should trust Ohio’s largest and one of its oldest memorial companies; history matters.

Whether you are planning for your estate or in need of a memorial now, the Dodds Memorials team stands ready to help you create your Lasting Vision of Love.

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