Importance of Knowing Cemetery Regulations – By Desiree Roose

We recently created a video for the pre-planning section of our website with our owner, Eric Fogarty. If you have not seen it, I would recommend giving it a watch. You can view it by clicking the link During the filming of the video, I picked Eric’s brain about the important steps that one needs to follow when beginning the pre-planning process. One item he brought up was the importance of knowing the regulations when you first go to pick out your cemetery lots.

For some reason this got me thinking about how many times I worked with a family who had no clue about the regulations on their burial lots. So many times, a family is disappointed because they think they are allowed to have a certain type of memorial, but it tuned out they could not have what they wanted. Depending on the cemetery, regulations can change from section to section and even row to row, something many people do not realize.

When you go to the cemetery to select graves, make sure you ask them what type of memorial you can have. If you want an upright memorial, make sure they show you lots where you can have that type of monument. Make sure you ask about height restrictions or length restrictions. If you want flower vases, make sure you ask for a section that allows them. Some of the restrictions cemeteries place on families will surprise you, and no two cemeteries are the same.

I know this sounds simple, but there are times these questions are overlooked, and a family must settle with a flat marker when they want an upright. This is just another reason why it is important to pre-plan your final arrangements. Once you get your lots and know the restrictions, stop by one of our six locations. Our consultants will make sure we find something to honor your family or loved ones and fit within the regulations of the cemetery!

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