Lost Symbolism – By Desiree Roose

So many times, I have been walking through a cemetery and noticed in the historic part many different carvings and wondered why someone would put that on a monument. Modern memorials are known for images that are individual to every family and mean something to that family. Monuments in the 1800’s were based mostly on religious meanings that we are unfamiliar with today, so what do some of these things mean?

Anchor – Steadfast hope

Angel of grief – Sorrow

Birds – The soul

Book – Faith, wisdom

Three Chains- Order of the Oddfellows

Cherub – Divine wisdom or justice

Column – Noble life or Broken column means early death

Dove – Purity, love, and Holy Spirit

Finger Pointing Up- Hand of God or human hand could indicate the path followed to heaven, earned life everlasting or they have risen to heaven

Garland – Victory over death

Horseshoe – Protection against evil

Hourglass – Time and its swift flight

Ivy – Faithfulness, memory, and undying friendship

Lamb – Innocence

Laurel – Victory, fame

Lily – Purity and resurrection

Lion – Strength, resurrection

Oak Leaves- Power or Authority

Palms – Martyrdom, or victory over death

Snake in a circle – Everlasting life in Heaven

Crossed swords – Life lost in battle or broken swords means life cut short

Torch – Eternal life if upturned, death if extinguished

Tree trunk – The beauty of life

Shattered urn – Old age, mourning if draped

Weeping willow – Mourning, grief

Today some of these symbols have gone by the wayside and many memorials are now representations of individual families. At Dodds we are here to make sure whatever you want to represent your loved one will be achieved! That is why we are the creating lasting memories company!

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