Shop LOCAL with Dodds! – By Desiree Roose

We hear it all the time “I didn’t want to go to Dodds because they are a big conglomerate and I want to shop local.” It astounds us every time that people think we are some big corporate business! Yes, we have six locations, but did you know that our whole company consists of 30 employees?  

We are your local memorial company with employees that are local neighbors, and all live where they work. Our owner Eric Fogarty’s dad at one time worked at Dodds and Eric has been in this industry for 50 years. His son runs the company now and lives in Troy.

Most people don’t know that some local cemeteries are run by a company called SCI that is based out if Texas. Online monument companies are not local either and if you have a problem with the memorial, good luck trying to get someone to help you. They have no local representatives and no one to assist when there is an issue. Many times, they call us for help.

Many think it is because of our size that we have connections to a large network of suppliers and people in the industry. This is not due to size, but because of our 158 years of experience. It’s not because of our size we are able to offer you more options, it is because over the years we have made connections with the best suppliers, like Rock of Ages; our longevity and quality attracts these industry partners to us and allows us to sell their products, often exclusively.

Come see for yourself the Dodds Difference and how shopping local with us can change your perspective.  I know we feel big to many, but we are a small company with lots of experience!

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