Spring – The Time of Renewal and Remembrance

By Neil Fogarty

March 19th marked the first day of Spring!  Moving forward days will lengthen, the air will warm, and nights will grow shorter.  Spring always marks a time of renewal for the world, but in the United States it also marks a time of remembering.  The two major holidays during Spring, Easter and Memorial Day, bookmark these two vernal traditions. 

Easter celebrates rebirth, the dawning of the active growing part of our seasons, and the hope for renewal.  The egg itself has long been a symbol of rebirth and renewal, to the point that early Eastern European Christians adopted its form for the Resurrection celebration.  Memorial Day, established in the late 1800’s, in many ways mirrors Easter, where Easter speaks to life’s potential renewal, Memorial Day remembers the dead. 

For this reason, generations of Americans have pulled themselves out of the hibernating winter and set out to finish the unfinished tasks of cold and dark days.  Traditionally, purchasing a headstone or tombstone in early spring accomplishes that task of preparing for the annual Memorial Day remembrance.  Spring is a perfect time to create your Lasting Vision of Love at Dodds Memorials.  We understand better than any other company, the importance of remembering those who have died, especially this time of year.

For 160 years Dodds has placed more headstones and tombstones in Southwest Ohio than all other companies combined.  We provide the highest quality memorials, backed by our perpetual trust.  What does that mean to you and your family?  It means your memorial will be protected for its lifetime.  No other monument company offers that level of protection and that level of quality.  Think Spring by getting your memorial purchase off your winter checklist.  Rebirth and remembrance come with spring. 

Spring – The Time of Renewal and Remembrance - Dodds has been creating Lasting Visions of Love for 160 years. Call today 937-372-4408

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