Then and Now: The St. Clair Memorial

The Henry St. Clair Memorial located at Greenville Union Cemetery in Greenville, Ohio, is truly one of a kind. Henry was born in New York State in 1852. He was the largest grocer in Darke County. St. Clair was instrumental in providing part of the funding for the Carnegie Library in Greenville. The majority of funds of course were supplied by Andrew Carnegie.

Upon his death, he left the Greenville Board of Education $100,000 for the building and maintenance of an assembly hall. It was completed in 1912 and was more than $3,000 over budget. His wife Ella Van Dyke-St. Clair, reimbursed the board for their expenses. She is buried on the St. Clair plot as well as her parents. The memorial also bares there name on one side.

The memorial was designed and created by Dodds and was made from Victoria White Granite and features Greek Corinthian Columns and four full granite sculptures.

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