Maricela P

At a time that is already difficult, Courtney made this part of the process less so. Went in to choose a headstone for my mother and he was kind, patient, and extremely helpful. He helped me years ago with my grandparents headstone and took the time to look up their granite so I could choose a complimentary one for her (who’s buried next to them). Courtney was also incredibly helpful/patient as I narrowed down my choices; educating me about the different types of granite and making sure I knew what the potential finished product would look like through pictures. Never once seemed bothered/annoyed with my questions or how indecisive I was at times. He gave great advice on style of headstone and even helped with the design of the inscription to make it stand out but also personal to my mom as well! His attention to detail and more importantly, compassion, is what you need when making these decisions. Thank you! Highly recommend the Milford location.

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