A Thank You To Our Veterans

Over the years we have worked with numerous veterans and their families, and we see the service and sacrifice not only the veterans make but the families who love and support them. So, on this veteran’s day we want to send our sincerest thank you to all the veterans and their families!

Thank you for your sacrifice and all the missed meals and birthdays and thank you to the wives and husbands who picked up the slack at home, and to the kids who missed their mom or dad, brother or sister, on holidays. We know there were times you put your country before the ones you love and want you to know it is not for nothing. That there are those out there who appreciate it and know that when we go to sleep at night our children are safe because of you and your sacrifice.

We know it isn’t an easy job being away from your family and we know those families also sometimes have to sacrifice and we are so honored that we get to be a part of so many projects that tell the stories of those who have served and work with families to honor their loved veteran. From our family to you and yours, Thank you!

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