The Importance of a Trust-Covered Warranty – By Desiree Roose

What is a trust-covered memorial? It means that when you purchase a certain type of granite, a portion of that sale goes into a trust at a local bank. We cannot touch that money unless a claim is made on the memorial. If you notice a crack in the granite or fading of the memorial, you give us a call and we will use that trust money to order a new memorial. Dodds is the only company in Ohio to offer a FULL PERPETUAL WARRANTY on all granite memorials.

What does it include? These types of warranties cover cracking, checking, and fading, and defects in workmanship. Our Everlasting Warranty protects against vandalism. It is a piece of mind for families to know they do not have to worry about anything happening. Even after the purchasers of the warranty pass, it will transfer down to the next of kin.

Why it is important? Too many times we get calls from families who purchased from a company that they thought was reputable, but it ended up going out of business or the company changes hands and they will no longer cover any flaws from the previous owners. A perpetual warranty from Dodds protects you from that. Even if by chance we go out of business after 160 years, your warranty is still valid. All you would have to do is contact the bank holding the trust.

It also protects you from a “handshake warranty,” as we call it, meaning if it is not in writing it does not exist. We often hear “well the company we used said they would cover it, but when we went to them, they said we didn’t have it in writing, or they didn’t remember saying that.”  Would you accept that when buying a car or a home? The same applies here! Often, we find ourselves fixing mistakes from other companies.

There is a reason we have been in business for 160 years! Come see the Dodds difference and why our warranty is incomparable to anything any other company can offer. Protect not only yourself, but those generations that will come after you!

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