Using Technology to Expand Legacy

Interview with Dodds President, Neil Fogarty about QR codes with Fox News 19

What are QR codes?

In 1994 QR codes were invented to help track car part inventory in Japan.  Since then, QR codes have become prevalent in modern society.  Thanks to COVID the use of this technology rapidly expanded as it provided a no-touch alternative for everything from food menus to movie tickets.

A decade ago, the QR Code became part of the memorial industry.  By linking to an online website, the code expanded the ability of a family to remember their loved one.  Unfortunately, online memorials linked to QR Codes were a little ahead of their time, no longer.  This technology is now making a monumental resurgence as materials and digital options advance on the modern web. 

Dodds is reimagining the use of QR Codes for Memorialization

Dodds Memorials, the Creator of Lasting Visions of Love, plans to offer families the opportunity to expand their memories through online remembrance.  Modern headstones and tombstones offer many more options to remember versus even 20 years ago, however there will always be special limitations to how many memories a family can fit on a memorial.  Here is where the QR Code helps.

Online memorials linked to QR Codes can provide a cemetery visitor with a vast amount of information about a life well lived.  At any gravesite, a scan of the Code links to everything from a copy of the obituary and biography, to videos and pictures of the dearly departed.  Even a family tree can be added to the online site, expanding the story that starts on the granite memorial. 

QR Codes are another example of Dodd’s innovation

For 160 years, Dodds Memorials has been at the forefront of memorial innovations that enhance the experience of our families.  This well-known technology, ready before its time, is now ready for a comeback. 

Dodds will introduce a new product, Everlasting Visions of Love Links (EVOL) in July. This will make the addition of a permanently engraved QR Code available to families, along with the ability to create an online memorial.  Our EVOL Links are a powerful addition to a memorial from the most trusted company in Southwest Ohio.

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