What is Rock of Ages? – By Desiree Roose

You will hear Dodds Memorials promote it all the time, but many of our customers come in and still are unsure of what Rock of Ages is!

A premier granite quarry in Vermont

Rock of Ages is a Vermont-based company that owns quarries all over North America. They are well known for their Blue Gray Granite that comes out of Vermont. When Rock of Ages quarries granite, they pull it out in large blocks and assign each a grade. The best grades of granites, they keep for their Authorized Dealers like Dodds; the rest they sell off to other companies, who then sell it to monument companies.

The best grades get seal marked from Rock of Ages, meaning they warranty it. They stand behind it and if there is ever a flaw, they replace it. This is not a time-limited warranty, but it is perpetual. The blocks with the lower grades will not get a seal mark or a warranty, several grades are rarely if ever used by Authorized Dealers.

Buy from an Authorized Dealer

What should this mean for you? It means if you go to another company, and they tell you they have the same quality gray granite as an Authorized Rock of Ages Dealer, they are not telling you the truth. Sure, they can get granite from the Barre, Vermont quarries, we will not deny that, but it is not the quality and standards that Rock of Ages provides on their best granite blocks.

If a competitor tells you it is from Rock of Ages, ask them are they an Authorized Dealer? Do they have the dealer seal on their brochures? Or is the Rock of Ages seal mark on the monuments they produce? The answer will be no.

Dodds is the only memorial retailer in Southwest Ohio that is an exclusive Authorized Dealer for ROA granite. If a tombstone dealer tells you they can get you Rock of Ages, then they are being dishonest.  That begs the question, what else are they not telling you?

Dodds Memorials can help you memorialize with Rock of Ages granite

Come see why Rock of Ages chose Dodds Memorials to represent them and why we constantly win awards from their company and our industry for our excellent service. Let us show you their products, colors and how we can provide you with a memorial that will last for generations.

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