Why Longevity of a Memorial Company Matters – By Desiree Roose

When shopping for a memorial many people do not take into consideration the longevity of a company. Our society is so “in the now,” that many people do not take the time to understand the importance of longevity when buying a memorial. So why does it matter?


The knowledge of our staff is a major advantage of choosing a company that has been around for 160 years. Granted, our staff is not that old, but we have numerous senior members of our team with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, who know a thing or two about making memorials. They have tried and tested different theories and suppliers, narrowing down to what works and what doesn’t over the decades. For example, we know if you paint lettering it will not last that is why we do not even consider it! This knowledge, passed down for generations, makes us unmatched in understanding of your memorial.

Our Memorial Consultants also have wealth of knowledge. There are very few companies out there that know how to build an entire memorial structure (mausoleum or family estate), but we do! Many of our team members are second generation memorialists, learning from the past generations how to work with families and design memorials. You might think someone can walk right into this industry and pick it up in a heartbeat, but many cannot. It takes years to learn how to create some of the custom memorials and buildings we completed.


Dodds is the only company in the county that offers a perpetual warranty on all granite memorials. We existed as a company since Lincoln was president and we stand by the products we produce. We ensure use of only the best products and pass that on to you. If by chance something does happen to your memorial, we are here to repair, restore, or replace it. Too many times we have had families come in with problems with their monument and ask us to correct issues because the company they purchased it from is no longer in existence. It is hard to succeed in this industry and many companies only last a few years. If you are not purchasing from a well-established company, there is a chance they will not be in business in 5, 10, or 15 years.


This is one many people don’t think about, but we say if our company is good enough for your great grandparents, then are we not good enough for you? Your family trusted us in the early 1900’s and you can trust us today. Most of our customers say they come to us because their parents or grandparents entrusted us in the past. If you are not sure, feel free to call us and ask if we produced an existing memorial. Luckily, we have been around so long that we have rooms and rooms full of records. Most of the time we can find it!

Community oriented

Our roots run deep within the Xenia community, and we are proud to support the communities that we serve. Over the years we have gotten to know many people in the community, and we support local organizations and charities. We order our supplies from local companies; our President is a member of the local Rotary club and various community boards. We know the funeral homes, proprietors of cemeteries, and other local businesses. Our building in Xenia is one of the oldest still standing and many locals have some type of memory tied to it. This comes with being in the same building for over 100 years! Not many companies can claim that! We are one of the oldest continuing businesses in Greene County.


When you are around as long as we have been, you get a reputation for reliability and quality that people notice. We have built a network of suppliers, and we only work with those producing the best products. One of those suppliers is Rock of Ages. Based out of Vermont, this quarrier and manufacturer only selects the best companies to offer their products. This partnership allows us to provide top-quality memorials for families in Southwestern Ohio. We are the only memorial company in this region who offers Rock of Ages products. They only offer the best and all their products are backed by a perpetual warranty.

Proof We Are the Best

In our eyes being in business for 160 years and Ohio’s largest memorial company, proves our standing as the best. We see other companies come and go while we plan to be for another 160 years. Times have changed and we see many new trends in consumers, but we adapt and we plan on continuously innovating into the future. We know the industry, like so many others, has had its setbacks coming out of the pandemic, but we are adapting and making strides to overcome them. Our vision for the future never wavers and we know that we will continue to provide the best memorials no matter what it may look like in the future. We plan to expand our services to encompass all types of end-of-life planning and pre-planning. We held the first Before I Die Festival Ohio this year and our goal is to get the word out about the importance of pre-planning. There are many reasons people continue to come back to us time and time again. We want to prove to you that we are the memorial company that you can count on then, now, and into the future!  

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